Mold Courses  
Mold Inspector
Learn the basics of mold and how to identify it. Learn how to safely take samples and interpret the results of a Lab Report. Understand relevant regulations and guidelines. Get hands-on experience using the proper equipment. Learn to conduct post-remediation verification and complete a report. You will be given forms to use in the field.

Mold Remediation Supervisor
Topics include all the information included in the Worker course, PLUS: responsibilities and roles of a Mold Supervisor, Mold hazard reduction methods/options, extensive hands-on training, occupant protection plans, inspection and risk assessment report interpretation, project management, recordkeeping, and legal / insurance issues. In virtually all situations, a mold supervisor is needed ON SITE. At least one supervisor is recommended for each company.

Mold Remediation Worker
This comprehensive 16 hour course includes 6 hours of hands-on work. It is meant for those actually doing the work, and everyone who wants to understand the problem and see the steps involved in the actual remediation process.

Mold Spec Writer
After assessment and before remediation, a proper plan must be given to the remediation contractor to follow. This course covers creating that action plan, plus report and grant writing. Each company should send at least one person to this course. PLUS: learn how to market your service.